«Concert», Feigin, 1987

The musician theme continues with the work “Concert” (1987, 48 x 31 cm, org). This little work on pastel board carries monumental features reminiscent of the Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. The figure of the violinist is in the center of the architectural bay. The emerald kerchief on her heard and big pleats of the red dress create unusual and beautiful combinations of colors on the painting. It almost literally makes a “sound.” A complicated turn of the trunk and the arrangement of the figure recall the image of Michelangelo’s ancient prophet who foretold disaster.

The picturesque world of clowns and actors glorified by Feigin recall the famous line from Shakespeare’s play, “As You Like It,” all the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players. A modern society is a masquerade where people prefer to hide themselves under different masks. Sincerity is not expected much less esteemed.  The painter caught hold of this suggestion and realized it in his works. In the words of Italian contemporary art critic, Akile Bonito Oliva, “Moses Feigin had the strength to come away from all the anchors, leaving his thoughts about priority direction of movement, and propel without helm and sails, not correlating with the center and even as far as the periphery and roadside.” — N.Musyankova

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