«Autumn», I.Vilkovir, 1978

In “Autumn” (1978, 98 x 88 cm, can), we see grazing horses through the big green leaves. The painting is very decorative with color combinations such as lilac, bright blue and marsh. It is perceived almost like an illustration for a book.

Vilkovir is undeservedly forgotten, but her artworks are remarkable for her rare gift of incarnating nature while simultaneously picturing the mood of a model and her own momentary impression. Such lightness of vision was characteristic of impressionists.

The painter’s love for wide and bold brush strokes, contrasting colors and the convention of forms reveal her devotion to expressionism. Boldness and inner freedom were not typical in Soviet art. She developed these talents in Vkhutemas and MAU, known for their informal traditions. — N.Musyankova


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