«Trio», Feigin, 1987

In the second half of his working career, Feigin did not follow anyone, even Kazimir Malevich, whom he considered a pure genius. He characterized his creative work as pictorial and geometrical abstraction. In the second half of the 80’s, the painter worked on several series’ of paintings. He painted clowns and bohemian artists. Among them is an image of the beloved Charlie Chaplin.  Feigin created unforgettable portrayals of this small man in the black bowler hat in both funny and sad situations just as Chaplin appeared in his movies.

In the painting “Trio” (1987, 64 x 45 cm, oil, org.), on the background of the blazing crimson sunset, we see a tall harlequin and Charlie standing next to him.  The actors look directly ahead, as if in a hurry to get to their next performance. — N.Musyankova

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