«Light Signal of Life», Feigin, 1971

In“Light Signal of Life” (1971, 70 x 49 cm, wood, foil), a vertical strip of foil divides the painting into two parts, and reminds viewers of a road sign. In the manner of a Russian fairy tale, if one travels to the right, he will lose his horse.  If he goes to the left, his sword will be lost and so on. In real life, everyone has to make his or her choice continually.   At the same time, this road sign reminds of the cross, a symbol of the logical completion of Christianity.  To the right and to the left of the signal are the bodies of people that are hardly visible. One of them looks straight, as if he holds a bugle, and the other, with a bending head, submits to heaven.  This work seems to allude to the painting “A Knight at the Crossroads” by Viktor Vasnetsov. Philosophical subjects penetrate deep in other works of Moses Feigin. — N.Musyankova

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  1. «Light Signal of Life», Feigin, 1971

    Love it

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