Painting, Graphics and Sculpture by Women Artists

Moscow – Leningrad, March, 1938

An exhibition of 409 works by 200 artists planned to coincide with the Russian celebration of International Women’s Day.

VSEHUDOZNIK Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia


Actual catalog from 1938 exhibition.

            Catalog from Exhibition “Painting, Graphics and Sculpture by Women Artists,” Lenigrad, 1938

          Published by Iskusstvo (Art) magazine

The Industry of Socialism Art Exhibition

Moscow, 1935

Catalogue of a group exhibition compiled by Lazar Rosental

Socialist Realism in the Stalinist Terror: The Industry of Socialism Art Exhibition, 1935-41

Susan E. Reid


Russian Review
Vol. 60, No. 2 (Apr., 2001), pp. 153-184
Published by: Wiley

Article Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/2679538

Susan Reid Article

The article provides information on the art exhibition The Industry of Socialism, which was initiated in Russia in 1935. It explores social relevance of the exhibition; the origin behind the creation and production of the exhibition; challenges faced by the artists of the exhibition upon its public showing; description of the cultural aspects depicted in the participating paintings; and analysis on the poor acceptance of the exhibition from the public.

Chuvash State Art Museum, Cheboksary, Russia

The following paintings are included in the collection of the Chuvash State Art Museum:


“Well,” pastel on paper, 59 x 70 cm, date prior to 1983


“Seagulls,” oil on canvas, 97 x 156 cm, 1983

The Museum of Russian Art


The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA), located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA is the only museum in North America dedicated exclusively to the preservation and presentation of Russian art and artifacts.   TMORA maintains a vibrant and diverse program of exhibitions, seminars, docent-led tours, and related outreach events designed to foster international awareness and understanding. Working in collaboration with museums and collectors in Russia and the United States, TMORA designs and implements original exhibitions that feature extraordinary works of fine art rarely seen outside of Russia.


Irina Vilkovir, “Dream” (self-portrait), oil on canvas, 47 x 63 cm, 1971

Humanitarian Center of Ostrovsky State Museum, Moscow, Russia


“Anthem to the Vietnamese Patriots”

Irina Vilkovir, Gran Prix recipient at the Paris, 1973 exhibition, is one of the prominent artists in the museum’s “golden” Art Fund.

The museum regards Irina Vilkovir as one of the prominent artists in its collection.