BIO: Irina Efimovna Vilkovir, 1913-1985 


1913                   Born in Moscow

1926 – 1928     Studied at Moscow School of Arts

1928 – 1931      Studied at Higher Art & Technical Institute

in Moscow, Russia under G.T. Goroshchencko, D.S. Morr,

V.A. Favorsky and L.A. Bruni Faculty member, VHUTEINa

1936                    Works were included in the first of 50 group exhibitions which unfolded throughout her career

1937                  First solo exhibition in Moscow, Russia.  Additional solo exhibitions held there were in 1945, 1956, 1968 and 1970

1973                  Awarded a Gran Prix for “Anthem of a Vietnamese Patriot” at a group exhibition in Paris, France

1976                  Solo exhibition in Tashkent, Usbekestan

1985                  Died in Moscow, Russia

Irina Vilkovir’s paintings are owned by the Tretyakov State Gallery in Moscow, Russia.  Regional museums such as the Chuvash State Art Museum in the Chuvash region of Russia also include her works in their collections. The Museum of Arts in Karakalpakstan, built in honor of I.K.Savitsky, and The Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis, MN, United States of America, own Vilkovir paintings. The artist’s works can be found in several private collections in Russia, Europe and the USA.