Luba Matusovsky

Luba Matusovsky came to the United States with her family from Moscow, Russia. A lover of fine art since her childhood. Luba grew up visiting museums in Moscow with her parents and appreciating the master artworks of the ages.  She saw her father also express himself artistically.  Catching that spark to create, she has also enjoyed painting, writing, and design.  Among Luba’s friends in Moscow, who shared her interests in art, were noted Russian artists Moses Feigin and Irina Vilkovir, whose works are now presented  in Luba’s private art collection.

Luba’s undergraduate and graduate degrees, earned in economics and journalism while still in Moscow, have paved the way for her to pursue a variety of business interests in the U.S.  She has authored two entertaining gift book titles, is the holder of U.S. patents, and is the creator of the “American Answer”- a symbol created out of the pride she shares with all Americans for her adopted country after the events of 9/11/2001. 

Above all, Luba Matusovsky is passionate about sharing her collection of 20th century Russian art with others, and promoting the legacy of the artists, whose work she has lovingly collected and transported with her to a land with a rich tradition in contemporary art.  

About the Collection

Luba Matusovsky’s art collection might look different today had noted artist Irina Vilkovir not insisted on painting a portrait of the warmth and beauty the young Luba exuded.  Aware of Matusovsky’s passion for art, Vilkovir offered to introduce her to Moses Feigin in the mid 1970’s.  Feigin, then in his 70’s, was described to Matusovsky as a master artist whose work was on the level of a great like Picasso. In Feigin’s Moscow studio for the first time, Matusovsky noticed a work titled “The Temptation of St. Anthony” perhaps tempted herself by the glitter of the metallic foil the artist incorporated in it with the oil paint.  The gold light reflected in that foil became symbolic of the special friendship that began that day between Feigin and Matusovsky. Over the next 30+ years, until Feigin’s death at the incredible age of 104, the artist continued to work, and he and Matusovsky maintained their friendship. 

Nedezda Musyankova, a noted art expert with the Russian State Tretyakov Gallery, has speculated that Matusovsky’s collection arguably includes the most prized of the humble artist’s works. Since its relocation to the USA, Matusovsky’s art collection of 29 Feigin works and Vilkovir works have been viewed by family and friends including Cathy Crosby, Riva Dryan, Roman Genn, Ed Sine, Carol Dawson, Alvaro Pisoni, Ron Pollard and others, associated with the entertainment industry and popular culture in US and Europe.  As in the early days of Luba’s relationship with Feigin, light from her collection continues to reach her eye and inspire her understanding of the positive impact contemporary works of art can have in enriching our lives.


“Russian Art” Magazine, III/2014

“Russian Art” Magazine is now available in the library of Metropolitan Museum in New York, USA.

Theme of the issue: Art Market


Nadezhda Musyankova     “Unique Collection of Works by Moisey Feign”

An exhibition of works by Moisey Feign (1903-2008), the favorite pupil of the artist Alexander Osmerkin and other members of the Knave of Diamonds, a group of avant-garde artists, was shown in 2010 in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts Private Collections Section. Only 16 of his 74 paintings created between 1945 and 1989 were on display, while the others were from a later period. During the time of total socialist realism, the artist worked on government commissions and only at the age of 60, when he was provided with an art studio, he began painting in expressive abstraction. The impression about this mysterious artist could be further expanded after a display of an interesting private collection from USA owned by Luba Matusovsky (Denver, Colorado). It consists of Moisey Feign’s works acquired from the artist at different times and reflecting the whole specter of his mature creative effort.
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Nadezda Musyankova, Senior researher, Russian State Tretyakov Gallery

NadezdaMusyankovaA private collection is always a personal statement of an owner, a reflection of his or her private tastes, aesthetic preferences and financial welfare.  Not everyone can afford to sustain and own an art collection; it is necessary to have credible financing, possess just the right flair, focus, and risk-taking attitude, as the collected works of art find their value in due course of time. More…

MaraDevereuxphMara Devereaux, noted American artist

The paintings of Luba Matusovsky’s art collection and rare compositions using foil by the extraordinary artist Moses Faigin captures the soul of the viewer with reflections and visions of their own life. More…

Berni Palumbo

Berni Palumbo

Bernardetta Palumbo, art critic

Russia’s historical path has often been characterized by exuberance, and by its uninterrupted quest for an identity of significance.  The controversial events of the 20th century have compelled contemporary Russian generations to reconcile the events of this period, and to understand their value as a part of Russia’s collective memory.  It is in this context that the work of artist Moses Feigin has been rediscovered within the past decade, and has taken its rightful place in the process of art history. More…

Shana Nys DambrotShana Nys Dambrot

Shana Nys Dambrot is an art critic, curator, and author based in Los Angeles. She is currently LA Editor for WhiteHot Magazine, Contributing Editor for Art Ltd., Arts Editor for VS. Magazine, and a contributor to the LA Weekly, Flaunt, SCENE, and KCET’s Artbound. More…


Carol Dawson

Carol Dawson, art appreciator

I am fortunate to have had my education in 20th century art expanded by learning about the extraordinary life and art of Russian artist Moses Feigin.  Because of Luba Matusovsky, I have had the additional privilege of experiencing Feigin’s work intimately.  By themselves, the works in Ms. Matusovsky’s collection are significant, but her anecdotes about her friendship with Feigin, and the first-hand information she has about her works of art directly from the artist, make one feel as though the very breath of the artist still rests upon his creations. More…